Resiners® Deeper Resin Curing Machine Cure Ⅱ - 2 Hours Fast Curing

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Voltage: US-110V

Tips: If the voltage in your area differs from the voltage specification of the product you purchased, it's advised to use a Voltage Converter to ensure compatibility. Otherwise, the device may burn out or fail to perform as expected.


CURE Ⅱ has deeper and more level trays. The height between each tray can be adjusted from 1.4" to 1.8" by rotating the tray 180°horizontally. Each tray is 10.2" x 7.9", fit for most molds such as coaster molds, jewelry molds, domino molds, etc. You can cure all of your epoxy resin at one time to improve DIY efficiency.

Resiners® Deeper Resin Curing Machine Cure Ⅱ


As short as 2 hours of fast curing for epoxy resin. Generally, the epoxy resin takes about 24 hours to cure completely. Resiners fast curing machine for epoxy resin casting reduce curing time to one movie time. Brief relaxation will activate the mind for more inspiration, then timely creation. Especially suitable for those who are engaged in epoxy resin art, allowing you to create more art in a short time.


3D thermal cycling tech, epoxy resin cured fully and evenly. Resiners epoxy resin oven dryer with advanced fully thermal cycling program, the temperature will not affect the epoxy quality and create more bubbles. Make sure your epoxy resin crafts are created delicately *** PATENT PROTECTION.


Two modes for epoxy resin lovers of different levels. AI button for beginner: One-click operation, two hours of fast curing, making you feel the magic of epoxy resin. Custom mode for advanced: For the best curing effect, you can set a specific time and temperature for more challenging epoxy resin crafts.

Game Changer

Resiners quick epoxy resin dryer machine makes it so easy to create a wide arrange of DIY epoxy resin projects. And Resiners is working on building an epoxy resin community for every epoxy resin art lover. If you have any seemingly impossible ideas about epoxy resin supplies, let us know and maybe we will change the way of epoxy resin art together.


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Different Size to Meet Your Needs

Cure Resin in 2 Hours

Cure Resin in 2 Hours

Cure Tumbler Craft in 1 Hour






Mint Green

Parcific Blue/MintGreen/Orange

Mint Green


No12.2x7.9x7.8 inches (3 Layers)

13.3x10.2x6.3 inches (Single Layer)

No15x11x10.6 inches


US Plug - 110V

US Plug - 110V/EU Plug - 220V/UK Plug - 240V

US Plug - 110V