We make dedicated resin machines for perfect resin craftworks.

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Resiners stands as the unrivaled pioneer and innovator of epoxy resin auxiliary machines. Empowering epoxy resin lovers with innovative products, Resiners is “Where Art and Tech Meet”, fostering a supportive space for passion and creativity to flourish, and celebrating the boundless joy of resin craftsmanship.

Resiners® Patented Cure Air Resin Curing Machine

Cure Air cuts curing time from 24 hours to 2 hours.

Resiners® AirLess Bubble Removal Machine

5-9 Minutes Fast Bubble Removal.

Resiners® Resin dryer box for cup turner

Get Your Cup in 1 Hour.

New Release

AirLess Bubble Removal Machine

Ultimate Bubble-Free For Resin

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99% Deep Resin Bubble-Free in 5-9 Minutes



The Resiners bubble eliminator gets out all the bubbles.. it’s Amazing.. This machine makes my projects 100% more fun.! Every one of my items comes out crystal clear.

Danna Peterson

Used for the first time and thrilled by it. Works just as it says it does and so easy to use even for someone as new to the world of resin like me. Definitely recommend

N. K. Richards

Une belle révolution du côté des machines compact pour ce Airless qui fonctionne à la perfection ! Très belle découverte que je recommande.

April W


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