Warranty Terms

Resiners' machine products are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of its original retail purchase, which means that if there is a defect arises during the warranty period, you can contact us to obtain warranty service.

This Warranty only applies to the machine products purchased from Resiners' official website or stores. It does not apply to accessories, packaging, software, tools, materials, or other non-machine items.


Warranty Solution:

For the defects during warranty period, Resiners, at its option, will (1) exchange the Product with a functionally equivalent product that is new or equivalent to new in performance, or (2) refund the original purchase price.

*Shipping costs for replacement products will be covered by Resiners.


Warranty Service Application Process:

Step1. Please contact us at support@resiners.com with the original order number (or other purchase proof if neccessary), the reason description, and the image or video that may be needed for understanding the product quality issues;

    Step 2. Judging by Resiners the cause of the defect of the product. It may be necessary to return an item for quality inspection;

    Step 3. Buyer will be notified of warranty eligibility and eligible orders will be processed within 5 -7 business days.


    The following situations are not covered by the warranty:

    • Beyond the warranty period.
    • Free products.
    • Second-hand products.
    • Scratches or abrasions that do not affect product performance.
    • Legal proof-of-purchase, receipts, or invoices are not provided or are reasonably believed to have been forged or tampered with.
    • Any fault or damage of the product is caused by unauthorized use or modification of the product, including but not limited to: moisture, entry of foreign bodies (water, oil, sand, etc.), or improper installation or operation.
    • Malfunctions or damages caused by force majeure events (such as fire, earthquake, flood, etc.).
    • Accessories, packaging, materials, or other non-machine items.
    • Other situations not specified in this policy.

    *Materials, accessories, or other non-machine products do not provide warranty service, please contact us at support@resiners.com if you have any questions.