Resiners® 3PCS UV Resin Kit

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  • UV Resin Kit: 2*250g+100g UV resin kit, with a flat bottle body and a pointed mouth design, can be used directly without mixing or using other tools. Under the UV light, it can cure quickly in 2-4 minutes. With low viscosity, it can perfectly bond various materials such as glass, crystal, and wood, greatly enhancing your creative space.
  • Crystal Clear & No Yellowing: Utilizing the most advanced formula, this transparent ultraviolet resin is even more clear and clean than glass. It boasts a high gloss finish, bubble-free, and has a refractive index over 1.5 times higher. Perfect for various small to medium-sized DIY projects, from jewelry making to decorative crafts, allowing you to unleash your artistic inspiration to the fullest.
  • Low Odor & High Hardness: Resiners' ultra violet resin is made with the highest quality materials, ensuring a safe production process that reduces volatile components and minimizes odor to the maximum extent. After curing, the UV glue exhibits high hardness, scratch resistance, waterproof properties, and can withstand high temperatures. It is an excellent choice for creating necklaces, earrings, and pendants.
  • Creative Applications: Resiners ultraviolet glue can be mixed with mica powder, color pigments, glitter, sequins, and other colorants to create more vibrant colors. Perfect for making jewelry, earrings, vaults, seals, keychains, medals, badges, as well as tiny delicate landscape crafts, such as ocean waves, water splashes, etc.
  • Friendly Reminder: Store in a cool place. Please read the instructions carefully before use. After curing under the UV resin lamp, it is recommended to let it sit for 10 minutes before touching it with your hands to prevent burns and fingerprints. If you have any questions about the product, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you, ensuring a satisfactory shopping experience.