How To Achieve Optimal Bubble Removal With AirLess Bubble Removal Machine?

How To Achieve Optimal Bubble Removal With AirLess Bubble Removal Machine?

Adhering to the concept of brand innovation, Resiners launched the industry's first compact AirLess Bubble Removal Machine in May this year. This product has been widely supported by resin enthusiasts for its core value of eliminating 99% of bubbles in just 5-9 minutes. The bubble removal effect of this innovative product is also the most concerning issue for users. Indeed, the special materials and characteristics of epoxy resin, as well as the differences in operational behaviors of users in resin projects, can have certain impacts and interferences on the formation and removal of resin bubbles. So, how can the Resiners AirLess machine ensure optimal results in the face of various creation environments and operational differences that users encounter in reality?

We have some practical tips to achieve bubble-free resin projects in 5-9 minutes using the Resiners machine:

1. Heat your resin before use. No matter which type of epoxy resin you use, it is recommended to Warm your resin in hot water before measuring and mixing. This removes crystallization from your resin and also lowers the viscosity of your epoxy resin so that fewer bubbles will form in the mixing process.
2. Correct operation: a) Ensure the correct resin ratio. b) Always stir in a controlled fashion, (not too fast), and in the same direction for the entire mixing process to ensure everything is adequately blende. c) The height of the container placed in the AirLess bubble removal machine is recommended to be less than 3.94inch (10cm).
3. Heat gun. Any tiny bubbles that may remain on the surface of the resin after bubble removal completed can be heated with a heat gun or torch.
4. Work in a warm environment. Low temperatures can cause resins to become thicker, making it more challenging to remove bubbles. The optimal temperature for bubble removal is around 25℃. This is particularly important if you live in a cooler climate.
5. Removing bubbles in small increments multiple times. In the same environment and with the same capacity, resin with higher viscosity takes longer to remove bubbles compared to thinner resin. Therefore, if you are using thick or fast-curing epoxy resins and want to remove bubbles within one operation, it is recommended to pour no more than 100ml of resin. You can also follow the "How to Remove Bubbles from Thick or Fast-Curing Resin" tutorial on our YouTube.

Users who have used our resin bubble removal machine correctly have achieved optimal bubble removal results. If you have any problems using the machine or need further support, we sincerely invite you to contact us at This guide is especially helpful for beginners, and we hope it provides you with valuable help!

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