Resiners® Patented Cure Air Resin Curing Machine

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Voltage: US-110V
Color: Pacific Blue

Tips: If the voltage in your area differs from the voltage specification of the product you purchased, it's advised to use a Voltage Converter to ensure compatibility. Otherwise, the device may burn out or fail to perform as expected.

Upgraded Tray

Resiners Cure Air has upgraded the tray in size, height, and stiffness. The dimension of the new tray is 11.8*8.5*1.8 inch, fit for resin molds under 1.8" high. With support under the center of the tray, it will be totally level and will not warp even to hold heavy resin molds.

Resiners® Patented Cure Air Resin Curing Machine

Auto Curing

No need to set the time and temperature yourself. Just slightly touch the power button, and the temperature will change automatically to cure resin evenly and finely in 2 hours.

Resiners® Patented Cure Air Resin Curing Machine

2-Hour Curing

Cure Air cuts curing time from 24 hours to 2 hours. The machine provides a controlled environment for the curing process, ensuring a consistent and efficient cure, which will greatly accelerate epoxy resin curing. No need long-time waiting anymore.

Visualized & Dust-proof Curing

The resin curing process becomes visible because Cure Air is equipped with a transparent lid. You can clearly see the wonderful fusion of different colors during the process. The cover also prevents dust or other drops from damaging your resin crafts.

Fit for 90% of Molds

Cure Air is suitable for most resin molds because of the upgraded tray with larger dimensions, like domino molds, jewelry molds, coaster molds, bookmark molds, pen molds, paw molds, etc. 


The product is originally invented by Resiners and is patented.


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Cure Resin in 2 Hours

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Parcific Blue/MintGreen/Orange

Mint Green


13.3x10.2x6.3 inches (Single Layer)

15x11x10.6 inches


US Plug - 110V/EU Plug - 220V/UK Plug - 240V

US Plug - 110V