Resiners® 24 Colors Chameleon Mica Powder Set - 0.175oz(5g)/Bottle

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  • Chameleon Color Powder Set: The most popular chameleon mica powder set with 24 colors, fully satisfying your color needs. Each jar contains 5g/0.17oz, with a total weight of 120g/4.08oz. (Note: Due to the different densities of the powders, the volume of the color pigments may vary, but each color is 0.17oz).
  • Rich Colors & Perfect Shift: With 24 jars, each containing 2-3 colors, you can achieve stunning and vibrant color shift effects as you change your viewing angle. This set allows you to unleash your creativity and bring your artistic inspirations to life. (Please refer to the color chart for detailed color information).
  • Natural & Safe: Made from naturally ground quartz mica, these chameleon glitter are of cosmetic-grade quality, ensuring safety. They are non-toxic, gentle, non-irritating, and easy to clean. They can be used for lip gloss, eyeshadow, and other facial products without causing harm to the skin.
  • High Concentration & Easy to Dissolve: Just a small amount is enough to achieve full-color transformation, and one jar is sufficient for many resin crafts. It easily dissolves in UV resin and epoxy resin without clumping or forming lumps. The packaging includes a storage tray, allowing you to keep your workspace tidy by conveniently storing and retrieving the powders.
  • Multiple Purposes: Resiners pigment powders are ideal for a wide range of applications including epoxy resin crafts DIY, soap making, bath bombs, candles, slime art, oil painting, nail and hair art, body and festival celebrations, and Mardi Gras costumes.