Resiners® AirLess Bubble Removal Machine

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  • 99% Deep Bubble Removal Say goodbye to the frustration of bubbles in your resin projects. Resiners' innovative AirLess Bubble Removal Machine shows you how to get bubbles out of resin effectively and create flawless creations.
  • -95kPa Ultra-High Vacuum Resiners patented UltraVaca technology provides a 90% higher vacuum than a traditional vacuum chamber for resin.
  • 5-9 Minutes Fast Bubble Removal Resiners automatic eccentric rotor technology allows for a high extraction speed of 12L/min, which is 400% faster than traditional household vacuum pumps.
  • Easy to Operate AirLess features a one-click touch screen with dual time modes for options. And from the LED display you can read the real-time vacuum and the countdown anytime during operation.
  • Good Sealability The high polymer silicone ring cover keeps the vacuum degree at -95kPa during operation, ensuring consistent effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Superior Safety Premium ultra-high-strength PC material is used to withstand the high negative pressure, AirLess is safe to use.
  • Large Capacity The 2.23L bottle is suitable for all mixing cups below 500ml on the market, so don't worry your own mixing cup gets wasted.

Tips: The AirLess bubble removal machine features a universal voltage of 110v-240v and can be used worldwide.


99% Deep Resin Bubble-Free in 5-9 Minutes