Resiners colorants are specially formulated to mix seamlessly with resin, allowing you to achieve vibrant and stunning colors in your resin projects. Whether you're looking for dyes, pigments, or mica powders, we have the perfect colorants to enhance your creations.


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Spara $7.00
Restinationer®Holographic Ultra fin glitter pulverRestinationer®Holographic Ultra fin glitter pulver
Spara $6.00
Resiners® Mica PowderResiners® Mica Powder
Spara $4.00
Resiners 20 Colors Epoxy Resin DyeResiners 20 Colors Epoxy Resin Dye
Spara $7.00
Resiners® 26 Colors Mica Powder Set - 0.175oz(5g)/BottleResiners® 26 Colors Mica Powder Set - 0.175oz(5g)/Bottle
Spara $9.00
Resiners® 24 Colors Chameleon Mica Powder Set - 0.175oz(5g)/BottleResiners® 24 Colors Chameleon Mica Powder Set - 0.175oz(5g)/Bottle